The Latest Look at Wrigley Field's Ongoing Renovations and Other Bullets

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The Latest Look at Wrigley Field’s Ongoing Renovations and Other Bullets

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Writing up my thoughts on the Cardinals hacking punishment gobbled up most of my time and narrative energy this morning, so check it out if you haven’t already.

It set me back a bit, so I apologize for the much-later-than-usual Bullets …

  • WGN offered a great picture and video flyover of the state of Wrigley Field, with some night work going on:

  • Each of the first two offseasons of the renovation, we’ve wondered how the Cubs were going to get to Point X by Date Y. In 2015, the questions ultimately resulted in a tough opener for the Cubs, with the bleachers still closed, and infamously too few bathrooms available. Last year, however, despite a short offseason thanks to the NLCS run, things seemed fine by Opening Day. This year? It’s an even shorter offseason for the Cubs (woo hoo!), and the home opener is now just a little over two months away. I won’t pretend we can meaningfully tell anything about the timeline from the picture and video, but the date does loom. Best guess is that all will be beautiful and well when the Cubs welcome the Dodgers on April 10.
  • Speaking of the renovation, the Cubs are selling many of the seats that have been removed in the process:

  • Because we are huge Cubs geeks, that sounds like a dream to me. Don’t let people make fun of you if you feel the same way. THAT SAID, make sure you read the fine print before you commit so much money: these seats have to be properly secured to the floor if you’re planning to sit in them regularly.
  • Ernie Banks:

  • The Nippon-Ham Fighters – presumably with Shohei Otani in tow – will reportedly be playing a game against KT Wiz from the KBO at the Cubs’ spring home, Sloan Park, on February 8 (assuming the translation here is correct). If you’re in the area that day, you might be able to just show up and watch. We’ll see if there’s more announced about this in the coming days. (h/t to @SidHickenbottom) Now if only the Cubs can just, like, you know, keep Otani. That’d be fine.
  • The live portion is going to be over by the time you check this out, but you can watch the replay:

Author: Brett Taylor

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