Addison Russell Goes Deep Again! Come Enjoy His Second Homer In Two Days

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Addison Russell Goes Deep Again! Come Enjoy His Second Homer In Two Days

Chicago Cubs

Just yesterday, Addison Russell hit a deep shot to left field, marking the first Spring Training home run for one of the Cubs’ “regulars.” Willson Contreras followed him later in the game, and we basically had our first homer party of the year.

Well not a day later, Russell went deep again. This time to right-center field and it was absolutely magnificent. Take a look:

With two men on base, Russell took a 3-2 fastball (which was, let’s be honest, right down the pipe) deep for his second home run of the Spring. I absolutely love it.

And here’s the thing about Russell (and this tends to be the case with a lot of position players on the Cubs right now, given the glut of talent): somehow, we tend to put his offensive potential on the back burner.

With a big return on the docket for Kyle Schwarber, significant swing changes for Jason Heyward, an MVP follow-up season for Kris Bryant, Javy Baez’s surface-scratching late in the season, and a million other things brewing on the offensive side of the ball, Russell’s offense has always just been “that thing that might take off.” Well, maybe we’re beginning to see the start of that.

And if he really can tap into that power potential this year (heck he hit 21 homers last season), well, let’s just say someone with his glove at his position could become a threat to win some serious individual hardware by year’s end.

For now, we can take it one home run at a time.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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