Spring Training Miscellany: Reds 6, Cubs 2 - Zastryny Comebacker, Dents, Lackey, More

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Spring Training Miscellany: Reds 6, Cubs 2 – Zastryny Comebacker, Dents, Lackey, More

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs dropped today’s game to the Reds 6-2, without much doing on offense from the mostly-regular lineup. The win was the Reds’ first of the Spring, which was probably satisfying revenge for what the Cubs did to them in 2016.

Two games today, though the second one doesn’t get underway for another couple hours, spreading things out nicely. All baseball, all the time.

Given how close we are to Opening Day, I just couldn’t resist smiling from all the #baseball:

  • As I said up top, there was not much going on for the Cubs’ offense in this one. The team had just four hits on the day and two walks. The only two runs were driven in by the prospects – Eloy Jimenez hit a sac fly, and Ian Happ had an RBI single.
  • Jason Heyward went hitless again today, bringing him up to an 0-11 to start the season. I know it’s easy to freak out and condemn his offseason-long swing changes as the cause, but try to resist. A small sample is still a small sample, and Spring Training is still just Spring Training. Let him get going, find a groove, do whatever it is that he’s working on, and then, after about a month into the regular season, we can discuss what’s going right/wrong.
  • Also, Rob Zastryzny started game 1 against the Reds today, but was removed from the game a bit prematurely. He took a come-backer off his right calf and was removed as a precaution. Young guy, early in Spring Training, already at 2.2 IP … yeah, you take him out no matter what.
  • Pierce Johnson, Jose Rosario, and Felix Pena must’ve heard that they got a specific mention in today’s bullpen post, because each got into this one, and each gave up at least one run.
  • Now I know this isn’t exactly Cubs Spring Training miscellany, but the South Bend Cubs had some slightly different weather in store for them than their big brothers in Arizona:


  • Jesse Rogers got a special treat from Kyle Schwarber … lucky he didn’t get all of it:

  • More details on the #RespectBald event this Saturday, March 4. I was there last year, and even though I didn’t participate, it was still a ton of fun. In fact, at one point, Maddon pointed to a total stranger in the crowd and coerced him to come get his head shaved. And I assure you, he was no plant.

  • John Lackey spoke to the media today about a number of items including his first start of the Spring, his “retirement tour,” and David Ross:

  • Those are three of the more classic “Lackey” replies that I’ve seen. Also … grandpa Lackey might be more of a “grumpy” grandpa than the “happy” kind. Maybe I’m just stuck on versions of the seven dwarfs, though. [Brett: Kyle Hendricks is Doc!]

Brett Taylor contributed to this post.

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