Chicago Cubs Announce Updated TV and Radio Affiliate Station Guide for 2017

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Chicago Cubs Announce Updated TV and Radio Affiliate Station Guide for 2017

Chicago Cubs

Today, the Chicago Cubs have announced their updated affiliate station guide for the 2017 regular season TV and radio broadcasts.

Recall, the Cubs currently split their games between CSN Chicago, WGN-9, and ABC-7. The latter two over-the-air networks syndicate some of their games outside of Chicago.

According to the Cubs’ release, fans should have more options to watch games this year thanks to new affiliate networks, CSN’s live streaming, and fewer MLB blackout restrictions.

Which, great!

If you recall, there have been times over the past few seasons, when fans fell within the MLB blackout region for the Cubs, despite not actually having any televised options for a particular game. Places like Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and southern Illinois were particularly affected. The addition of more local affiliates, then, should help alleviate those problems for the over-the-air games.

In addition, the ability to live stream all CSN broadcasted Cubs’ games online (if you’re already a subscriber to an existing cable provider) is a nice win. It’s been a frustrating couple of years for those of us who prefer to stream games to be sure (and we’re not done yet), but it does seem like progress is being made.

Anyway, if you do happen to fall in MLB’s blackout region for the Cubs, you can visit this site for a full list of the local affiliates in your area for games on ABC-7, WGN, and CSN Chicago. The Cubs also have a guide for exactly what games will be carried on which stations, which you can see here.

As for radio, CBS Radio (670 AM The Score in Chicago) is the home for Cubs games in 2017, but the games will be syndicated to a radio network all over the region. If you’re looking for a local radio station that might carry Cubs games, here’s your list of affiliates (scroll down to the bottom). And, of course, for anyone not in the Cubs’ blackout region, you can get the Cubs’ games via

And that’s it! Enjoy your Cubs #content, friends.

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