Anthony Rizzo Wins Bet, Loves to Cook (VIDEOS)

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Anthony Rizzo Wins Bet, Loves to Cook (VIDEOS)

Chicago Cubs

Sometimes, an endorsement partnership feels forced and awkward. Like, does Mike Trout reeeeeeally eat at Subway all the time? I’m not sure you could become this kind of tank without a little more …

Sometimes, you think an endorsement is going to be forced and awkward, like Anthony Rizzo and Reynolds Wrap. Like, how is that going to work?

But the wise marketing folks at Reynolds Wrap figured out that sponsoring the Cubs’ tarp at Wrigley Field was a genius move (it just works), and then figured out that, after Anthony Rizzo frequently found himself using the tarp to make fantastic catches, there was something there.

So they bet Rizzo that, if the Cubs won the World Series, they would re-name Reynolds Wrap “Rizzo Wrap”. And, sure enough:

The Rizzo Wrap is expected to be available in various Chicago locations for a limited time, though I’ve not yet found the details. Which, given the date, does leave open the possibility that the whole thing isn’t real. We’ll see.

The two linked up on a more conventional spot, with Rizzo showing off his chef chops, and also blasting a tomato into paste with his bat:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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