Another Top 100 List for Theo Epstein: TIME's Most Influential People

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Another Top 100 List for Theo Epstein: TIME’s Most Influential People

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations has already been named the World’s Greatest Leader, so I suppose anything shy of Supreme Potentate of the Universe from here on out is going to seem like damning with faint praise.

TIME magazine dropped it’s list of the 100 most influential people today, and there he is again, nestled in the “leaders” section.

The write-up comes from actor and Cubs fan John Cusack, who drops this eloquent bit on the Cubs’ man in charge: “Theo may be a creature of destiny, but he recognizes that he’s also just another flawed human being, no better than anyone else. It’s an artful thing to thread that needle and wear it as a matter of common sense. He’s more Old World than old school. Words and deeds need to match. Trust is earned. He apologizes to no one for caring.”

Having helped lead the Chicago Cubs to their first title in 108 years, impacting millions of fans and their families around the world, I think it’s fair to say Epstein is among the most influential leaders of the past year.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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