Kris Bryant Offers the Best Explanation Possible for Why He Doesn't Bat Flip

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Kris Bryant Offers the Best Explanation Possible for Why He Doesn’t Bat Flip

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You’ve seen it a million times.

Well, 67 times in the big leagues, to be precise: reigning MVP Kris Bryant swings his mighty stick, drives one deep in the air, and although he allows himself to watch it fly, he does so only modestly while he begins to circle the bases.

That is to say, Kris Bryant is not into flipping his bat or otherwise celebrating his dingers in a manner commensurate with their impressiveness.

Bryant was on 670 The Score with Dan Bernstein and Jason Goff, and he explained his philosophy on that front. It was a completely baller explanation, and the only anti-bat-flip position I will ever accept.

“If it’s halfway up the video board, that’s it, that’s enough of a disgrace for the pitcher that you don’t need to add anything to it,” Bryant said. “You crushed a home run, you felt good about it. He felt bad about it. And it’s good.”

That’s just perfect. I’m already imagining a GIF of the next Bryant homer, where it zooms in on the pitcher as Bryant begins his trot, and then stamps the word “DISGRACED” on his face.

Bryant went on to add that, although he plans to always be “the same boring Kris,” he sees the merit in letting guys have fun and be themselves. “I think sometimes we’re a little too sensitive with certain things.” Eh hem.

I am an unapologetic lover of well-timed bat flips, and nothing would shake the earth more for me than seeing Bryant chuck his bat with glee after a game-winning shot. But I know that’s not coming, because that’s not who Bryant is … and that’s good, too! Because exactly like Bryant said, what’s most important is that players are free to be themselves, and have visible fun how they personally choose to have it.

Good on Bryant for having just about the only non-bat-flipping position that I’m like, “Yeah, that’s exactly right!”

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting over here imaging what a giant Bryant bat flip would even look like if it ever happened. Awkward, maybe.

Or maybe the bat would just keep going and going until it started orbiting the earth, only to eventually meet up with the very ball that he sent out that way in the first place.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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