Cubs Minor League Daily: Almost Statistically Significant

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Cubs Minor League Daily: Almost Statistically Significant

Chicago Cubs

There is no one single number that indicates that baseball stats for the new season have become statistically significant, but for a good rule of thumb I use 100 plate appearances (or about 30 innings for pitchers). And we are on the doorstep of that now.

It will still be suspect to draw too firm of a conclusion based on 2017 numbers just yet – after all, one month of baseball isn’t much – but at least we can start to draw some conclusions. We can even start to get rationally excited about some of the early breakout prospects, instead of just irrationally excited.

Take, for example, shortstop Zack Short. Still just 21, Short is hitting .250/.389/.513 with four homers and four steals, not to mentions a 16.8% walk rate. He’s up to 95 PA; those numbers are almost unofficially significant! Of course, his 20% strikeout rate is also almost unofficially significant, so maybe we shouldn’t get too excited just yet.

Somewhat excited, though. That’d be fine.

Triple A: Iowa Cubs

Iowa was rained out.

Double A: Tennessee Smokies

Tennessee was also rained out.

High A: Myrtle Beach Pelicans
Myrtle Beach 10, Lynchburg 8
A pair of four run rallies in the seventh and eighth gave the Pelicans the lead.

Low A: South Bend Cubs
Fort Wayne 8, South Bend 5
The Cubs gave up six runs in the fifth, and that was enough for the loss.

Other Notes

  • The Smokies were rained out on Sunday, but they posted a couple of highlights on Saturday that are well worth a look. First up, outfielder Jacob Hannemann hooking a triple into the right field corner:

  • And then infielder David Bote launching one way, way out to left:

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