David Ross Gets Emotional and Grabs the Throne on 'Dancing with the Stars' (VIDEOS)

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David Ross Gets Emotional and Grabs the Throne on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (VIDEOS)

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I have to admit, I didn’t expect to still be writing about David Ross and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ this late into the season. That is probably one part “we’ll all lose interest” and two parts “he’s not gonna last”. But, to Ross’s credit, neither of those things has really been the case. I mean, I’m still not really into dancing, but I do want to see him keep going. WIN IT, DAVID!

Last night’s dance was an emotional waltz, to a tune chosen by Ross’s partner, Lindsay Arnold, to speak to Ross’s spirit:

Ross is a big softy, and I like that.

The duo also added a third to dance as a trio to a version of ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ with a decidedly ‘Game of Thrones’ flair:

The performances were good enough to get Ross and his partner on into the *SEMIFINALS*:

Ross is so well liked that he’s undoubtedly gotten a boost throughout this process regardless of his dancing skills – but those have absolutely improved. And he’s basically into the NLCS now. Just needs to beat the Dodgers.

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