Epstein, Hoyer, Maddon Speak About Addison Russell Situation

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Epstein, Hoyer, Maddon Speak About Addison Russell Situation

Chicago Cubs

Today, after allegations of infidelity and domestic violence surfaced on social media, the Chicago Cubs asked shortstop Addison Russell to stay away from the ballpark today so that he could deal with his issues at home.

That comes from team president Theo Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer, each of whom spoke to the media a short time ago about the situation. It’s not clear when Russell will be back with the team.

You can watch Theo Epstein’s full comments to the media, via CBS:

As Epstein said, Russell has not been suspended from the team at this time, but the front office did feel it was best for him to stay away today. Also, Epstein said there is not technically a formal investigation by MLB at this time, though I’ll admit that I don’t have a great sense of clarity on the distinction between a formal investigation, and whatever it is that MLB has already confirmed it is doing – “looking into” the situation.

Epstein said the team became aware of the social media postings last night during the game, and spoke with Russell last night and again this morning. As the team’s statement indicated, the Cubs also contacted Major League Baseball so that they could handle things on their end with respect to the domestic violence policy, over which they have exclusive dominion.

I appreciated that Epstein pointed out the reality of the situation: there is so much that is still unknown, given that all we have is a social media posting by a third party, but this is a serious allegation that must be considered carefully. Where it goes from here, I don’t think anyone should be speculating at this time.

Jed Hoyer was on 670 The Score, adding his own perspective:

Joe Maddon also spoke about the situation, noting that the team had a brief meeting today, and Maddon talked to Russell last night. Maddon’s comments, via CBS:

As Maddon said, he thought there was something off with Russell for a while now, and that did play a part in his decision to start alternating more at shortstop with Javy Baez. It sounds like Maddon did not anticipate that it was a personal situation, though.

I wish I could offer you something more concrete, but it doesn’t exist right now. The Cubs will give Russell some time and distance – how much is needed is unknown – and MLB will proceed as the facts or interviews or evidence dictates.

To the extent this becomes an extended absence, there will be roster-related considerations, as I’m sure the Cubs will operate with 24 players for only so long. But for tonight, that seems a secondary consideration.

Author: Brett Taylor

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