Addison Russell's Wife Melisa Files for Divorce, Cubs Injury Updates, and Other Bullets

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Addison Russell’s Wife Melisa Files for Divorce, Cubs Injury Updates, and Other Bullets

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Yo. The new ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer has me rather hyped. Except I’m such a dork that it immediately makes me think about how this is the second-to-last season, and how there will be only seven episodes. And then, after just six short weeks, it’ll be another year and a half (probably) before we get the conclusion.

  • Addison Russell’s wife Melisa Reidy has filed for divorce, which would probably not be newsworthy on a site like this if not for the domestic violence allegation, levied by a friend of Reidy’s on social media, which came in conjunction with a post by Reidy alleging Russell’s infidelity. In relation to baseball, MLB has been investigating the allegation, but Reidy has reportedly declined to speak to MLB, preferring to resolve matters of the divorce privately (Tribune). Through an attorney, Reidy’s only discussion of the domestic violence allegation is this: “That does not trace back to my client. She has been forthright about any comments she has personally made herself.” That doesn’t necessarily mean we know for certain what did or did not happen, but it does make it unlikely that MLB will find sufficient evidence to subject Russell to discipline. Hopefully the couple and their child are able to proceed amicably and privately through the divorce process, and perhaps we outsiders can move on from this.
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  • I’m really trying to get to the place Joe Maddon is in (Daily Herald): “I’m enjoying [the season] in a perverse way. Of course I’d rather we be 10 games up, but I’m good with what’s going on right now because it is challenging. Every year presents differently.” I’ve been doing that battle in my mind almost all season, trying to just enjoy a different kind of divisional race – to sweep from my mind all residue of expectation and entitlement. Some days I’m there, some days I’m wildly frustrated.
  • Here’s hoping Jake Arrieta is ready to go tonight – no thumb issues, no sweat issues. Just good command, and max efficiency.
  • Injury update notes from the Tribune, including the hope that Kyle Hendricks can throw on the side this weekend, the open question of whether Jason Heyward will go on the DL with his hand cut, and whether Ben Zobrist will return tomorrow when he’s first eligible. I wonder if Zobrist will need a minor league game before returning, and, if so, that could come today. The problem there is that no Cubs minor league team playing particularly close to Chicago or Miami today. The closest would probably be the Pelicans (in Myrtle Beach) or the Smokies (in Mobile), but it would involve a lot of quick turnaround flying either way if the Cubs wanted Zobrist to play a minor league game today and then be available tomorrow in Miami.
  • UPDATE on the roster front: Heyward is going to the DL, Kyle Schwarber is going to Iowa, Mark Zagunis and Dylan Floro are coming up.
  • In relation to all of that, I wonder if a Heyward DL stint becomes more likely if Zobrist returns on Friday.
  • Earlier, Luke looked at the top strikeout pitchers in the organization, and I talked about Ian Happ’s Ruthian home run pace.
  • Theo Epstein drawing a W flag on an autographed World Series baseball is pretty cool:

  • I am here for this:

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