Miguel Montero Got Bit By the Positivity Bug and He's Passing It Around

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Miguel Montero Got Bit By the Positivity Bug and He’s Passing It Around

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Yesterday’s loss was not exactly the kind that you’d look at as a positive development.

Most losses suck, of course, but some you can more easily look at as one of the 60+ that even good teams will suffer in a given season, and it’s no big deal. Losing at home to a terrible team, managing just two hits, and ultimately dropping the game on a bases-loaded walk to a 21-year-old player with a 47 wRC+ … that’s not a loss that engenders any kind of positivity.

Unless you’re Miguel Montero, that is.

The Cubs’ veteran back-up catcher must have been bit by some kind of bug in the wake of the loss – or did something happen after the game in the clubhouse? – because he took to Twitter with some sweeping expressions of positivity last night:

Montero’s Twitter game is known for a variety of reasons, but the most memorable is probably one of the first messages he sent after joining the team – a message that wound up resonating throughout his first season with the Cubs in 2015: #WeAreGood.

Whether because of that, or for some other inarticulable reason, somehow, when Montero gets fired up and starts a positivity train, I can’t help myself but get on board.

The Cubs will need it for this upcoming road trip, where they will have no off-days, and face the Marlins, Nationals, and Reds.

For his part, Montero has adapted very well to his new role as a back-up, posting a solid .281/.363/.449 line, and receiving well as he always does. The arm is not there anymore, but for a veteran back-up – especially if he can inject some life and leadership into the clubhouse – you’ll accept that limitation.

#WeAreBack? We’ll see. I’m just a dude typing on a computer, but Miggy made me feel pretty good.

[Adding a note here, because the Schwarber-Heyward-Floro-Zagunis news came after I completed the above post: Whether there’s a relationship between Montero’s messages and the flurry of roster moves that descended upon the Cubs today, I don’t know. I tend to doubt it, but obviously it’s major stuff, so I couldn’t not say something.]

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Author: Brett Taylor

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