Padres CEO on No Punishment for Anthony Rizzo: "Pure BS"

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Padres CEO on No Punishment for Anthony Rizzo: “Pure BS”

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The Padres will probably let the Anthony Rizzo slide/collision thing go soon enough – the series is over and Austin Hedges is expected to be fine – but there’s one more thing they’d like to get out there.

Yesterday, we learned that although MLB determined Rizzo had violated the rules by deviating his path to initiate contact with the catcher, Rizzo would not face discipline.

That left Padres CEO Ron Fowler feeling … disappointed. He shared as much with The Mighty 1090 radio station in San Diego, as recounted by CBS: “Obviously, Rizzo clearly violated the rule. It was probably the most egregious violation since the rule went in, and to do that with no repercussions, I think, is pure BS. I told baseball that.”

We’ve talked this thing to death at this point, so I’ll stand by what I’ve said. I don’t see things the same way as Fowler (and not necessarily the same as MLB, either), but I understand the Padres being chapped.

The only question that remains … what did Fowler mean by “BS”? Big Surprise? Baseball Stuff? Baby Snowdragons?

I can only speculate at this point, but I think Fowler just wanted to give Rizzo a Big Smooch.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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