The Cubs Impacted the All-Star Game! .... Also Injury Issues and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Impacted the All-Star Game! …. Also Injury Issues and Other Bullets

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And now the post-All-Star-Game lull. No games today or tomorrow as we gear up for the second half. The good news, at least, is that the rumor mill should

  • Wade Davis did get to appear in last night’s All-Star Game for the National League squad, managed by Joe Maddon. So at least a Cub participated in the game. Of course, he gave up the winning run on a homer to Robinson Cano, so there’s that. Even in an exhibition game that featured almost no Cubs, they still got into the story in a thoroughly 2017 way. NOW is the turning point! (… heh)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
  • Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio discussed the Cubs’ tough start to the season with the Tribune, pointing to injuries in the rotation and on the defensive side of the ball that combined to hurt the team’s performance. He also intimated that there are more guys than we know about dealing with injuries and trying to play through them – because that’s what players do every year – but they just aren’t quite able to get the same results they have in the past when playing through injuries. Read the Tribune piece for the full comments.
  • I certainly understand that you can’t DL every player who is hurting in some way, and there is a balance between sitting a guy and allowing him to fight through discomfort (because often, guys play perfectly well despite that discomfort). But, with a team that’s struggling, you wonder if that balance gets out of whack as the players/coaches/training staff/whoever tries to push a little extra hard, believing that the guy is really needed to help fix the woes. And if that happens, you always wonder at what point are you actually doing more harm than good.
  • During the All-Star Game last night, Fox did the in-game interview thing that drove us all crazy during the postseason, except this time, it was great. The difference? They interviewed guys on the field as the game was being played.
  • One player interviewed was Houston Astros outfielder George Springer, who – and I had no idea – deals with a stutter. This guy is awesome:

Author: Brett Taylor

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