Where Were You When the Cubs Won the Crosstown Cup? And Other Bullets

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Where Were You When the Cubs Won the Crosstown Cup? And Other Bullets

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Ah, it was a late night tending bar at the Nisei Lounge, but it was a lot of fun and it helped a great cause. Thanks again to everyone who came out! And a reminder: today and tomorrow, a generous BN’er has offered to match Make-A-Wish donations up to $1,000! So consider making a donation to Make-A-Wish here, and push the Trade Deadline Blogathon up to the full 40 hours!

  • The Cubs win the Crosstown Cup! The Cubs win the Crosstown Cup! Will you remember where you were:

  • In all seriousness, I can’t help but be cheeky about the crosstown series, which the Cubs did win last night by taking three of four from the White Sox, but I do think it’s neat to have these kinds of in-season mini-event-type-things. I don’t know how you make them a little more impactful or connective, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a sense of winning smaller trophies a couple times a year against a big rival? Like if the Cubs and Cardinals could have a series where they battled for a trophy they legitimately wanted to win? Again, I don’t know how how you artificially create that, but it would be a lot of fun in the middle of a long season.
  • As for the win last night and the trophy:

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
  • We’ll have more on Kyle Schwarber’s big night soon, but I wanted to point to this quote he gave to ESPN after the game, which I really like to hear: “The work is paying off. I can’t be result-based. I want to be processed-based still. Today was a good day.” Just as you wouldn’t want Schwarber to get too down and change everything if the balls stopped falling in, you don’t want him to get away from anything he’s doing right now because of the results. What he’s doing is clearly working – he’s moving around less with his body, he’s a little shorter to the ball, and he’s not pulling everything. As he showed last night, Schwarber has so much natural power that he can go the other way and still get plenty of extra base hits.
  • Eli comes through with the incredible screen grab of Mike Borzello:

  • Jon Jay took a pitch off the helmet last night, but stayed in the game after he was checked on.
  • Jose Quintana starts for the Cubs tonight against the Brewers, giving them an up-close look at the pitcher they possibly could have landed in trade, instead of the Cubs. At that time, the Brewers had a 5.5 game lead on the Cubs. Now? They trail the Cubs by a game and a half. Entirely because of the Quintana trade? Well of course not. But it’s inarguable at this point that there was an injection of life by the front office committing so much at that moment to this very talented team.
  • This is an extremely bad look for the umpire:

  • That came just a few days after Kris Bryant was ejected following a truly brutal strike call, and, perhaps not coincidentally, Bryant told The Score that he’s open to the idea of robot umpires for balls and strikes. Given that the players would have to be on board with that level of a change, and given that it will take big voices to get the players on board, it is not a non-zero point that Bryant said this. I think we’re still years away from the systems being reliable enough to actually have automated balls and strikes, but you do wonder if it’s coming.
  • A big sale on an expandable garden hose at Amazon, which I know seems random, but I will say that going to one of these instead of those bulky green ones we had for years was a pretty noticeable improvement in our outdoor-water-related-life.

Author: Brett Taylor

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