Ah, More Teasing of a Future Pairing by the Bryants and the Harpers and Other Bullets

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Ah, More Teasing of a Future Pairing by the Bryants and the Harpers and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The Little Girl was doing some gymnastics in the living room yesterday when someone when awry with her arm, and she’s not doing so good today. Fingers crossed on nothing serious, but with three kids, the oldest of whom is already six, I know that we’ve been very lucky not to have any meaningful injuries yet. Keep the streak alive, Little Girl …

  • Rumors circulated about Harper wanting to come to the Cubs after he reaches free agency next year, and although Harper did his best to poopoo that report, the whole crew is certainly having some fun trolling us. And, also, Harper will be a 26-year-old superstar free agent that every team would love to have after next season, so why wouldn’t the Cubs at least be involved in the conversation? Fitting Harper into the mix (consider the luxury tax cap, the impending arbitration raises, and the huge contract already associated with right field) will be a tricky business, but if you ask me today, do I expect the Cubs to at least see what’s up? Yes. I do expect that.
  • Just imagine this in blue:

  • And about that future possibility, this is fun:

  • Treat Harper well, right field bleacher, fans!
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • With Willson Contreras playing out of his mind, Joe Maddon finds it nearly impossible to take him out of the lineup (CSN) – hence the start in left field yesterday, which was rewarded with a homer for both Contreras, and for the catcher who took his spot behind the plate, Alex Avila.
  • Heh. Contreras’s nickname in the clubhouse is apparently killer, and the reason is extremely appropriate, according to Contreras, who got the nickname from Jon Lester and strength coach Tim Buss (CSN): “Because of the way I play and the way I look at people on the field.” Yup. I wouldn’t want to cross that guy, and I also wouldn’t want to have to pitch to him.
  • Kris Bryant says he’s still feeling discomfort in his pinky after that ugly slide a couple weeks ago, but believes he just needs to play through it (ESPN).
  • #WalksAreStupid:

  • As for Justin Wilson’s struggles since coming over in trade, he does concede that his adrenaline has been high, and he also said he found a mechanical issue in his delivery that he will correct (ESPN). Some wildness has always been part of the package with Wilson, but he’s also been extremely nasty this year, too. Hopefully we see that soon.
  • The Dodgers won again yesterday, which barely merits mention, except for the fact that it was their 43rd win in their last 50 games. You read that correctly. It’s a stretch of winning that has not been matched since the 1912 New York Giants (ESPN). At a .709 winning percentage overall this year, the Dodgers are on pace to win 115 games. But if they keep this accelerated rate of winning, they are going to put 116+ in their sights, and a new record is very possible. The Dodgers, as we knew coming into the season, are loaded, and they added Yu Darvish at the deadline.
  • Speaking of baseball’s great teams this year, Michael discovered something absolutely insane: if the season ended today, the Houston Astros would have the best season wRC+ in baseball history. Yes, just better than the 1927 Yankees. And remember, wRC+ is era and park-adjusted.
  • Oh. Well, if you say so:

  • Aw shucks dang oh crap oh crap oh crap:

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