Hawk Harrelson Says Wrigley Field is a "Joke," Will "Never Step Foot in That Ballpark Again"

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Hawk Harrelson Says Wrigley Field is a “Joke,” Will “Never Step Foot in That Ballpark Again”

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox color commentator Hawk Harrelson has never been one to hold back. He has thoughts, and he will share them.

Sometimes those thoughts are light and fun (“The Will to Win”), and sometimes those thoughts are bizarre (John Lackey plunking the bases loaded on purpose). Sometimes, there are no thoughts at all during the 45 seconds of silence that follow an Anthony Rizzo home run.

Harrelson has thoughts on home park of the North Side team, and, when he calls his final season next year, he won’t be coming to the games at Wrigley Field.

“I’ll tell you this much, I’ll never go back to Wrigley Field again,” Harrelson told CSN. “We’ve got three games over at their place, and I told Jerry [Reinsdorf] the other day before we came on this trip, I said, ‘I’m not going back to Wrigley Field.’ … Worst press box, worst booths for television. It’s a joke. It really is. And so, Jason [Benetti] is getting ready for those three at Wrigley. I will never step foot in that ballpark again. Ever.”

Tell us how you really feel, Hawk.

I guess Harrelson won’t get a retirement tour scoreboard number from the Cubs, or the crowd chanting “He gone.”

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Author: Brett Taylor

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