Monster Waiver Trades Are Unlikely, But Verlander and Stanton Mentions Pop Up

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Monster Waiver Trades Are Unlikely, But Verlander and Stanton Mentions Pop Up

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In reality, if a big trade is gonna go down in August, it probably will involve a huge contract because of the nature of trade waivers, and most players who have monster contracts are notable names. So, then, I guess it shouldn’t be that crazy to see a huge name player traded this month, and for that reason, I won’t dismiss even limited rumors out of hand.

That said, actually executing a huge trade – regardless of the time of year – is challenging, especially when money gets involved. So, there’s your yin and yang preamble to the following series of tweets from Jon Morosi about two big-time players who’ve already cleared waivers.

First, on Justin Verlander:

Given the heat the Astros took – including from their own players – about not making a significant move at the non-waiver trade deadline to bolster the roster, and the fact that they’ve gone 6-13 in the last few weeks, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them at least try to pull off something significant.

For me, I watch the Verlander rumors closely because I still like him as a possible trade target for the Cubs in the offseason. If he’s sooner traded to a team like the Astros, then the odds he’s dealt thereafter are fairly low.

So, then, I’m keeping tabs.

As for the other big contract superstar mentioned by Morosi, my interest is more about the market impact, and the I-just-freaking-love-the-guy factor:

With a new ownership group transitioning in, and with Stanton hitting homers at a historic rate, it’s so hard for me to see the Marlins trading him this month. That said, I agree with Jeff Passan and Michael that Stanton will never be more tradable than he is right now. If the Marlins want to shed some of that huge obligation, they can probably save upwards of $15 to $20 million extra right now than if they want until the offseason to try to shop Stanton.

The flip side to that, though, is if they’re serious about shopping him, they will probably have a much broader market with which to work in the offseason, when nearly every team is a “contender,” and budgets are still in the process of being set. (Would the Cubs pursue him at that point? I know you’ll ask, and, for me, I’d rather the Cubs held up and went after Bryce Harper the following offseason (if they were going to go for a huge contract corner outfielder at all, that is), but it really depends a great deal on how much contract the Marlins are eating, and how the Cubs decide to move forward after this offseason with their positional core. As I sit here today, I cannot honestly project that.)

On the balance, my guess would be that neither of these guys is traded this month, though each is plausible (Verlander much more than Stanton). It’s fun to follow, though …

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Author: Brett Taylor

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