Javy Bein' Javy Again: Another Ridiculous Play By Javy Baez (VIDEO)

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Javy Bein’ Javy Again: Another Ridiculous Play By Javy Baez (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

Just a day after making one of the best defensive plays of the year on a dive in the hole at shortstop, Javy Baez was back at it again today with another drop-your-jaw-straight-on-the-floor play.

With the Cubs clinging to a one-run lead in the 9th, any baserunner was going to be trouble. And when this grounder got past a diving Kris Bryant, I figured that was that.

Except Javy Baez said nah, I got this (via @Cubs):

I concur with Anthony Rizzo’s reaction. Just standing there staring. Like, wut? Did he just do that?

Look at how deep Baez was in the hole on that play, and the fact that he had to adjust his body direction in a split second as Bryant deflected the ball. To snag it on the other side of your body, and then quickly transfer for a hard throw? It just doesn’t seem like it should be possible, but then, Baez does that kind of thing a lot.

Bonus nod to Anthony Rizzo on the tremendous stretch. Davis finished out the inning, and the Cubs won.

Author: Brett Taylor

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