Javy Baez Will See Time at Shortstop Even After Addison Russell Returns and Other Bullets

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Javy Baez Will See Time at Shortstop Even After Addison Russell Returns and Other Bullets

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I have always been of the mind that if you start to notice a bunch of people causing you problems or giving you grief, it’s more likely that you are the issue, rather than a bunch of other people coincidentally being the issue all at the same time.

I feel like I’ve been getting it on a lotta fronts the last few days (not only here, mind you, in typical daily interactions offline, too), which has me stepping back and considering the possibility that maybe I’ve just been too chippy, or maybe I’m not perceiving peoples’ interactions with me accurately.

That is to say: you’re probably not all jerks, and I’m probably just a little off. It’s good to reflect, and I appreciate having this space to do it from time to time. Even right now, I’m starting to feel better.

This helps:

Great Javy Baez plays help, too …

  • Not necessarily because of that play specifically, but I know you’re wondering it: does Javy Baez stay at shortstop after Addison Russell returns? The Cubs’ starting shortstop is due back in a week or two, and let me say with confidence that Russell will return as the shortstop. That’s not only a nod to his ability there and Baez’s ability at second base, but also the fact that Russell hasn’t played second base regularly in a couple years, whereas Baez is still relatively fresh there. Russell is too valuable to become a bench bat, and Baez is so valuable as a guy who can move around effectively.
  • That said, just as it was before Russell’s injury, Baez should and will continue to see some time at shortstop. “You’re still going to see Javy over there as we readjust Addison back into it,” Joe Maddon told the Tribune. “You’re going to see Javy at second, you’re going to see Javy at third to give (Kris Bryant) a day off, which will be nice. Addy will play, but Javy will still play a lot.”
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  • Anthony Rizzo was disappointed not to get a play in the field on Tuesday at third base (Cubs.com), but he had a great line about his defensive versatility (Tribune): “I need to play the outfield. Right now I’m a utility player for this team, and in the outfield I can say I’m a super-utility guy.”
  • Ah ha, so the in-dugout interview fun employed by Ian Happ was sparked by Tommy La Stella, who himself wound up being interviewed:

  • I know some people say bags. I say cornhole:

Author: Brett Taylor

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