Chicago Cubs Lineup: Zorilla at the Top, La Stella at Second, J-Hey in Center Field

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Chicago Cubs Lineup: Zorilla at the Top, La Stella at Second, J-Hey in Center Field

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are catching a relative break today, as the Phillies have decided to throw Nick Pivetta, instead of the much more challenging Aaron Nola (who would’ve been on normal rest today, after pitching in the first half of a double header last week, but is instead pitching tomorrow).

Here’s the lineup they’re going with against Pivetta:

  1. Zorilla, RF
  2. Schwarbs, LF
  3. KB, 3B
  4. Tony, 1B
  5. La Stella, 2B
  6. El Mago, SS
  7. J-Hey, CF
  8. Moncho, C
  9. Lack, P

Interesting note about Pivetta: He has some pretty serious reverse splits. In other words, despite being a right-hander himself, righties have absolutely crushed Pivetta (.428) throughout his (admittedly brief) Major League career (95.0 IP), while he’s managed to keep lefties relatively at bay (.312 wOBA).

Thus, having the right-handed Moncho behind the plate for unrelated reasons (Alex Avila wasn’t going to catch an early day game after a night game anyway), works out quite nicely. In addition, you’ll see another right-hander, El Mago, has moved up a couple spots in the order, despite going 0-4 with a walk in yesterday’s slugfest.

Leading off today’s rubber match is Zorilla, who’ll bat from the left side despite the reverse splits. And he’s followed by Schwarbs, KB, and Tony as usual. With Zorilla in the outfield and Happer on the bench, La Stella (what a nickname!) covers second base and bats fifth. J-Hey is out in center field, where he hasn’t started since the end of MAY, and Lack is pitching and batting ninth.

As usual, we’ll have your full Pre-Gamin’ closer to game time (12:35).

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Author: Michael Cerami

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