Jake Arrieta's Hamstring: Mildly Strained

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Jake Arrieta’s Hamstring: Mildly Strained

Chicago Cubs


The Willson Contreras rehab assignment news proved to be the creamy center of the Cubs’ crap Oreo tonight.

To begin, the Cubs lost a horrible game to the Pirates, and to end, this:

On the one hand, a Grade One strain is a mild strain, which is better than a not-so-mild strain.

On the other hand, even though most mild hamstring strains typically keep a ballplayer down for four weeks. I am encouraged by Arrieta’s positivity in the video, and his belief that it might only be a 7 to 10 day thing, but I’ll hold back on my optimism until we learn a little more about his specific prognosis later this week.

Arrieta’s season is probably not over, but he’s going to miss at least one or two starts out of the four or five he had left this year, and he might very well miss more than that.

If you’re being particularly negative, you’ll note that the divisional series of the playoffs will begin in four weeks. I suppose the good news, then, is if this is a very mild strain, then even the most pessimistic case has Arrieta back in time for the playoffs. That assumes, of course, that the Cubs make the playoffs. Losing the literal pitcher of the month from August is not going to help in that cause.

If you’re being optimistic, Arrieta misses a couple starts – covered admirably by Mike Montgomery – and he and the Cubs are no worse for the wear. In fact, maybe this even rests up Arrieta’s arm in advance of the postseason.

I’m an optimistic guy. That one probably goes a bit far even for me, but I also don’t think the most pessimistic case is likely, either. I think we’ll probably see Arrieta pitching again for the Cubs this regular season. Hopefully we learn more later this week about when that will be.

And in the meantime, hopefully Montgomery is nails. Also, the other guys, too. Also, the offense. Also, the bullpen.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.