Enhanced Box Score: Brewers 3, Cubs 1 - September 10, 2017

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Enhanced Box Score: Brewers 3, Cubs 1 – September 10, 2017

Chicago Cubs

Believe it or not, the slight delay in the EBS was not the product of me having to rouse myself from anger-induced unconsciousness. I simply had to do some kid-watching-and-driving that conflicted with the very end of the game.

I didn’t miss a miraculous comeback, as it turned out.

We came into this series, perhaps pathetically, thinking only one thing: just don’t get swept. If the Cubs could do anything but be swept, they were guaranteed to leave the weekend with at least a 4.0-game lead over the Brewers, and perhaps also over the Cardinals, depending on what they did.

As it turned out, the Cubs did get swept. And the Cardinals swept the Pirates for good measure. So things are, eh hem, awfully tight. We’ll get into the reality of that situation tomorrow.

For this evening, you already know the literal and figurative score. This loss sucks, and not solely because of its playoff implications. It sucks because it was yet another game where the Cubs’ offense could not muster much of anything. The pitching, save for a blowup yesterday, has been pretty good in this past week. The bats have been vapor.

So it was today. And that’s a sweep.

Full box score.

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