Lackey and Contreras Ejected After Egregious Call, Subsequent Hit

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Lackey and Contreras Ejected After Egregious Call, Subsequent Hit

Chicago Cubs

We’ll get into this so much more when the dust has settled and the game isn’t still going on, but here’s your immediate hot take: blame everybody.

To set the stage, with the game tied in the 5th, two outs, two runners on and pitcher Carlos Martinez at the plate, John Lackey struck Martinez out looking. Obviously. This isn’t one of those “close calls” – it was a nearly dead center pitch. The kind that makes the batter walk away with his head down. Which Martinez did.

Except the ump didn’t move. He called pitch 5 a ball, and Lackey understandably lost his mind:

As you can see, Martinez took the next pitch out to right center to score a run and give the Cardinals the lead, and that’s when Lackey really lost it.

Lackey ran to cover home, but screamed wildly at the umpire in the process and was immediately booted. In the scrum that followed, Willson Contreras also got extremely angry, and was also booted.

In that situation, I can’t tell you I wouldn’t have also freaked if I were Lackey or Contreras. The umpire blew it BIG time, and it cost the Cubs BIG time. Lackey was gonna get ejected no matter what after that hit, and I can understand him getting the boot, even if the ump needs to have a little thicker skin after blowing a call like that.

But to throw Contreras out in that situation is freaking ridiculous. Here’s hoping Contreras doesn’t now face discipline for the face mask bounce.

I’m just mad at everyone right now. Mostly the ump for blowing a critical call, and then tossing Contreras. But Lackey and Contreras had to figure out a better way to stay in that game.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.