Cubs Faced the Best in the Playoffs, Quirky Martin Transactions, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Faced the Best in the Playoffs, Quirky Martin Transactions, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The Little Boy is so wonderful, but man, that kid starts his day at 90 mph, and I need to ease into it a little bit. Sometimes I just stare at him silently in the morning as he goes, goes, goes, and I’m just puzzling about new ways I can get coffee into my system more quickly. They need an alarm clock that, rather than triggering beeps, shoves a funnel into your mouth and pours in reasonably-temperatured coffee.

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  • Speaking of the award finalists, I really thought they were pretty solid all around. I’ve seen the most beef about the three NL MVP finalists (Stanton, Goldschmidt, Votto), but can you really argue against those three? There were simply SO MANY guys who arguably deserved to be in there this year. Heck, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rendon were two of the top three in WAR, and they’re not even finalists. Look at what Justin Turner did this year. Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado. Corey Seager was brilliant again, and he’s an afterthought. I could go on. It was just jam-packed with guys who have a legit argument this year. I think Stanton is going to win, by the way, and he’d probably get my vote by a hair.
  • Also, I can’t help myself:

  • The Cubs did something unique yesterday during their flurry of transactions: they outrighted Leonys Martin, who was otherwise still under team control via arbitration, to AAA Iowa. The move was designed to take him off the 40-man roster, but also parked him in the minors … even though the seasons are long over. Hooray, the Cubs get to keep him on a minor league deal, right!? Well, maybe, but we’re not there yet, and it’s ultimately going to be up to him. All the outright means is that nobody claimed Martin at this time (which makes sense, because he’s not going to be tendered in arbitration (he was projected for $4.9 million in 2018, which, given his dramatic fall off at the plate the last few years, was going to be too much)).
  • So what happens now? As I said, it’s a unique situation – Martin can become a free agent now if he wants, or he can wait around and hope that the Cubs tender him a minor league contract where he could receive 20% less than his 2017 salary (or about $3.9 million). It seems pretty unlikely the Cubs will pay nearly $4 million for a minor league defensive outfielder, so instead, I still think he’s going to be non-tendered and the Cubs will try to re-sign him (if interested) on a new, more traditional minor league deal.
  • Looks who’s a champion again:

  • If you want to get some Cubs postseason authentic stuff, it’s up for auction:

  • Just keep breathing, Brett:

  • Cubs infield prospect Carlos Penalver is crushing it in the Venezuelan Winter League:

  • Penalver, 23, has been described to me as wonderful with the glove, and he has thus progressed through the Cubs’ system on that strength. The bat has never come along, though, so if he could put together even the faintest semblance of offense, he could be some nice emergency defensively-inclined middle infield depth for the Cubs at AA/AAA this year.
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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.