Wrigley Renovation Update: More Clubs and Concessions Coming to a Wrigley Near You!

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Wrigley Renovation Update: More Clubs and Concessions Coming to a Wrigley Near You!

Chicago Cubs

If you’ve driven by (or flown over) Wrigley Field any time this offseason, you’ve likely seen the tremendous amount of work being put into the stadium once again.

But while many of the most recent changes may have gone unnoticed to fans (new clubhouse amenities, offices, and the like), the next wave of projects will directly impact the fan experience and are expected to be ready by Opening Day 2018.

Carrie Muskat has it all at Cubs.com: “This offseason’s work will result in new club box and field box seats, an improved concourse, more netting to protect fans and wider dugouts.”

We’ve previously discussed the Cubs’ plan to add more netting this offseason, and it sounds like they’ll be adding even more than expected. Originally, the plan was to add more netting all the way to the home and visitor dugouts, but because both dugouts are moving further down the line, that radius has expanded, relative to home plate (which is a good thing!).

Separately, and as expected, the American Airlines 1914 Club will be ready by Opening Day 2018, and structural work is getting started for the Makers Mark Barrel Room and “W” Club, which are each one year away from opening officially. In addition, more concessions stands will be added to the concourse and 90% of them will be ready by Opening Day.

Outside of the stuff fans will easily notice, the Cubs are also updating and improving the visitors dugout, which was well overdue for a makeover. While Muskat warns visiting teams not to expect the same 30,000 square foot space of the home team, there will be a new batting tunnel, visiting weight room, video room, and meeting space.

For more of the particulars and more detail, check out the write-up at Cubs.com, and you can always look at the project page.

Here’s a couple of overhead looks at the work being done:

Outside of the stadium, the Hotel Zachary project continues to progress nicely (bring me that Big Star already, will ya?!):

And the Addison and Clark “mixed-use” development (not Cubs-affiliated) continues to churn forward:

You can read more about this particular project at AddisonandClark.com, and even get on an early list to live in the apartments directly across from Wrigley Field.

Clearly, this neighborhood is transforming quite a bit, but in my opinion, it’s all for the better.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami