MLBits: The A's Need a New Ball Park Location (Again), Palmeiro's Return, Boone, Rangers, More

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MLBits: The A’s Need a New Ball Park Location (Again), Palmeiro’s Return, Boone, Rangers, More

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Try to think about something other than Ohtani.

Try to think about something other than Ohtani …

  • Back in September, we found out that the Oakland A’s had decided on a location for their new ball park, a site near Laney College on a piece of land owned by Peralta Community College, and the A’s seemed pretty excited about it:

  • But on Tuesday, the Peralta Community College District board of trustees directed their Chancellor to end the talks with the A’s and instead focus on what’s best for the college and its students/faculty. The A’s, understandably, were a bit bummed:

(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
  • According to Ken Rosenthal, one anonymous GM said he wouldn’t even look at Palmeiro, but Orioles GM Dan Duquette wouldn’t rule it out, adding that it would be an interesting story and “If you can hit, then you can hit.” LOL. Okay, man. Let’s see what you got. Plenty more at The Athletic.
  • This is a very interesting look at the evolution of the trade market in recent years:

  • Basically, with more improving and widely-accepted methodologies for evaluating players than ever before, teams are struggling to find different value for players in other organizations (which means deals are more difficult to pull off). So now, trades only happen when one team is “selling,” has a surplus of talent, and/or is looking to the future more than the present. It’s an interesting distinction and not one of which I’ve previously considered.
  • Earlier today, the Yankees introduced their 33rd manager in franchise history at Yankee Stadium, and he’s thrilled to be there:

  • I couldn’t begin to comment fairly on Boone’s strategic or philosophic baseball beliefs – I simply don’t know enough about them – but I will say he doesn’t strike me as a better option than Joe Girardi.
  • He did do an AMA on Twitter earlier today though, but all of the questions/answers were mostly food (hotdog =/= sandwich) or movie (Die Hard = Christmas movie) related. Since I agree with him on both of those calls, I’m guessing we’ll see eye-to-eye on bunting too.
  • The 2018 ZiPS projections for the Texas Rangers have come out, and Shohei Ohtani is not on the list! Damn it, Michael, that doesn’t mean anything yet. Former Cubs free agent target and recently signed Ranger Mike Minor is projected though, and it looks pretty good (even if he’s not nearly as dominant as last season): 66.0 IP, 26.4 K%, 8.6 BB%, 3.68 ERA, 3.69 FIP. Of course, all signs point to him starting, not relieving, so this might all change soon.
  • And finally, I think Ben Affleck’s stock as a baseball fan rose ever so slightly in my book today:

Author: Michael Cerami

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