Epstein on Schwarber's Desire to Be in the Best Shape of His Life and Other Bullets

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Epstein on Schwarber’s Desire to Be in the Best Shape of His Life and Other Bullets

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The Littlest Girl has a doctor’s appointment today – right now, actually – so I’m feverishly typing before the doctor arrives.

  • I never thought of Kyle Schwarber as an out-of-shape guy, nor did I think of him as a guy regularly doing Iron Man stuff. So when a report came out earlier this offseason that he was “on a mission” to transform his body, my reaction was kinda like, “OK, cool, fine. Being in even better shape is always good, and he did have a year where he was rehabbing, so everything probably got a little outta whack.” I didn’t think that it was a formalized thing, but as Theo Epstein revealed yesterday, it actually is.
  • “We brought it up with him,” Epstein said yesterday, per the Tribune. “He told us he already had made it a priority. He was going to get in the best shape of his life, and realizes now to be the left fielder he needs to be, and be a hitter he needs to be, is something he wanted to do.” Epstein went on to point out that there are things you cannot control in the game, but your fitness is something you can control, so Schwarber is looking to dominate it. More at the Tribune here.
  • As we’ve seen in pictures this week, Schwarber is certainly looking fit:

  • Over at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan polled fans on how they feel about their teams’ front office, and, predictably, the Cubs were right up there, tied or second with the Dodgers. First place? The World Series-winning Astros.
  • Jon Heyman gets into the many wider ramifications flowing from the Braves’ IFA violations. So many people affected by the misdeeds of the higher ups.
  • Cubs-related fun!

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