Cubs Working to Stop Violence in Chicago, Luxury Tax Problems, and Other Bullets

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Cubs Working to Stop Violence in Chicago, Luxury Tax Problems, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I haven’t been a practicing attorney in over six years now, and any aspirations I had of making partner at my old law firm faded before I departed. It was always something that felt like it would be out of reach for me. But I was very pleased to just get a call from a buddy, who started at the firm with me some 10 years ago, letting me know that he’d made partner. I can think of no one more deserving, and it was a reminder that sometimes good things do happen for good people (and a reminder that, yes, there are lawyers out there who are really good people!). Made my day.

OK, so it’s been a crazy morning already, with the Rays sending Evan Longoria to the Giants, the Yankees and Dodgers reportedly in on Yu Darvish, the Orioles acting like they’re about to pull Manny Machado off the market, and Zach Britton suffering a ruptured Achilles.

  • The Cubs have joined together with the other Chicago teams on a very important project:

  • I really hope I get a chance to write this up separately today, but it’s been so nuts this morning I’m not sure I will. So, here is this, in case we can’t get back to it:

  • Interesting find from Luis, as the Cardinals have become certified by the Department of Homeland Security for developing anti-terrorism measures and procedures. In exchange, their damages are limited in the event of a terrorist attack at Busch Stadium.It’s a reminder that the Cubs have sought increased protections in and around Wrigley Field to prevent attacks. The times we live in.
  • Travis Sawchik offers a reminder at FanGraphs on why the luxury tax is now operating like a soft cap and how it is impacting the free agent market. We’re living through the impact at the top of the market right now, but I cringe thinking about what this is all going to mean for the role players who would normally get a $2 or $3 million contract in November or December. Are they going to have to wait until February to get a deal at all? Will many of them have to settle for minor league deals, even though they are clearly big leaguers? That CBA proves to be more and more disastrous for the players every day.
  • Speaking of which, a useful chart:

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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.