Rizzo Leads, MeToo in Sports, Javy's Bubble, and Other Bullets

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Rizzo Leads, MeToo in Sports, Javy’s Bubble, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

More day-trippin’ to visit family for the holidays. It is obscene how much preparation goes into traveling for just a half-day with a 1, 4, and 6-year-old. I do some of it, but mostly it’s: Thanks, The Wife!

Bonus: we’re currently on the Branch Rickey highway.

  • Apropos of very little, I did a Twitter poll this week on who you’d label the “face” of the Cubs right now, and the results were nice:

  • Rizzo is not only an excellent player, worthy of mention with Kris Bryant (and a couple others) as the most important on the team, but he’s also now the longest-tenured Cub at the big league level. The new front office arrived, and they wanted him to be the foundation upon which the rebuild was constructed. He arrived, he succeeded, he struggled, he adjusted, he grew up, he became involved in the community, and he lead. Not only is Rizzo the face of the Cubs, the organization is quite fortunate that he is.
  • There’s a nice Cubs.com piece on the Cubs’ de facto leader here, including this comment from Jon Lester: “I think sometimes people overlook consistency. They overlook people who go out and do their job every single day, who don’t do anything flashy. [Rizzo’s] face is around, but he’s not a ‘Look at me’ guy. He’s just an average dude who goes out and plays every single day, and I think that gets overlooked at times.” Rizzo, despite playing like a superstar, is a guy fans can look at and see a version of themselves.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

  • An excellent and important read at The Athletic, as #MeToo continues to reach into the sports world, where we know there is a troubling history (and, in reality, present). Women in sports – as elsewhere – have been effective forced to stay silent for so long, but are finally finding the collective voice to be able to speak up. We should listen, we should believe them, and we should talk about how we get a little better every day.
  • The Yankees, Rangers, and Twins, each of whom had a whole lot of IFA pool money left after not getting to spend it on Shohei Ohtani, are spending it as best they can on some last minute prospects (remember, most of the best prospects sign shortly after the period opens on July 2). I wonder, behind the scenes, how the teams kept some of these prospects at bay while the Ohtani process played out. Must’ve been really unique.
  • Man he was so special:

  • And he was a beast on this shot:

  • It made me happy that this popped into my head yesterday:

  • You may say I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one:

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