Remembering Cubs Moments from the Year That You Don't Want to Remember and Other Bullets

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Remembering Cubs Moments from the Year That You Don’t Want to Remember and Other Bullets

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The Wife came down with some sickness overnight, and the kiddos are all home for the break, which means it’s my duty today to keep them occupied and separated from mom so that they don’t also get sick. And, in the fleeting moments when I can get all three parked somewhere for a few minutes, I work.

Like these Bullets …

  • wrote up the top half-innings of the year, and what do you know? The Cubs get top billing! … for giving up 10 runs in the first inning to the Pirates in the final game of the first half. Remember that one? Jon Lester got absolutely blown up, and the Cubs fell to two games below .500. If the Cubs had stumbled coming out of the All-Star break, there was a chance – admitted by Theo Epstein – that the Cubs could have become sellers later that month. As it stood, the front office took a huge swing and added Jose Quintana, and the Cubs rocketed to six straight wins after the break, shrinking their NL Central deficit from 5.5 games to just 1.5. A series win in St. Louis after that, and the Cubs were tied atop the NL Central standings, and they would never fall behind again.
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  • Want to watch that first inning? It’s safe now. It can’t hurt you:

  • To be quite sure, I agree with anyone who says you can’t just use WAR as a proxy for Hall of Fame worthiness. To that end, Jenkins is right. But to throw it out completely when it’s another tool in the tool belt is, to me, both irrational and irresponsible. The same is true – again, for me – of any statistical measure we have available in making these weighty decisions.
  • A bunch of Kindle books are on sale today for just $2.99. I also noticed that Dave Kaplan’s Cubs book, “The Plan,” is just $9.99 on Kindle.

Author: Brett Taylor

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