Crazy Spending, the Rizzo Anniversary, Palmeiro's Age 53 Comeback, and Other Bullets

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Crazy Spending, the Rizzo Anniversary, Palmeiro’s Age 53 Comeback, and Other Bullets

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Did I tell you that The Wife and I dug out our old Wii for the big kids to play over the holiday break? Well, we did, and they’re addicted. I was playing The Little Girl in tennis last night, and she actually took me to the fifth set, 2-2. I’m not big on letting the kids win at stuff just for the sake of winning (how are they gonna learn like that?), but I do like to give them a chance to keep things competitive. But when we went to 2-2, The Little Girl got all kinds of up in my face about how she was about to take me down. I could not have that. So I skunked her in the fifth game, and I’m not sure she returned a single ball. I am the Dad of the Year.

  • You know the hot stove is not hot. Jeff Passan wants to provide some context for just how not hot – and also how strange – and I enjoyed. In particular, look at the relief market compared to the position player market:

(Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images)
  • This writeup is nearly five years old, and yet it was spot on:

  • Look at this young guy, who knew it all along:

  • The Andre Dawson news is official:

  • There will be a series in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April between the Twins and Indians, which is great news – and wasn’t a lock because of the devastation from Hurricane Maria. It’ll be the first regular season games there since 2010, and the players and league will be coordinating relief efforts and related events around the series. It could be a really, really good thing.
  • Barry Jackson continues to do incredible work unearthing details about the Marlins’ new ownership and plans. One small bit I learned in today’s installment? Michael Jordan is also a minority owner of the Marlins.
  • Rafael Palmeiro is 53, and he is serious about his redemptive attempt at a comeback:

  • He’s just swinging in the cage, so whatever, but that looks like the bat speed you’d expect from a well-conditioned 53-year-old man. I don’t see how it’s possible that he could hit against big league pitching, but I really hope some team gives him a chance to do it in Spring Training. Why not? And if he somehow made a roster, that’d be nuts. Julio Franco, then 49, is the oldest player to appear in a regular season game.
  • Speaking of Franco, the guy hit .275/.348/.451 with a 110 wRC+ in 2005, the year he turned 47. Dude should be in the Hall of Fame for that alone.
  • If you missed the great news from the Cubs coverage world: Patrick Mooney, formerly of CSN/NBC, has a new home at The Athletic, where he’ll be covering the Cubs beat together with Sahadev Sharma. That’s going to be some incredibly good coverage right there.
  • The Cubs Convention is coming, and if you’re going to be around, make sure you check this out on Friday night:

  • Totally off-topic, save for the fact that there’s baseball being played somewhere on that marble:

Author: Brett Taylor

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