DUDE: Kyle Schwarber Really is Getting into the Best Shape of His Life (VIDEO)

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DUDE: Kyle Schwarber Really is Getting into the Best Shape of His Life (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

In the Bullets earlier today, Brett shared a bit of a teaser on Kyle Schwarber’s now-famous offseason transformation and workout routine, but the Cubs have followed that tweet up with a full video of the work he’s put in (in and out of the weight room), and you’ll definitely want to give it a look:

Because, wow:

Dude. He’s a monster.

I know it’s easy for people to ignore the annual “best shape of my life,” campaigns, but this feels like a whole other animal. Schwarber hasn’t just dropped some weight in Spring Training, he’s completely transformed his entire body. And for the record … it’s still only January. The fact that the changes are *this* visible this early on, means there’s more to come.

In theory, this body transformation should help him at the plate (probably only incremental), on the basepaths (a bit more), and (mostly) in the outfield, where a little more agility/speed/quickness will be a huge boost. And there’s also the, you know, staying healthy angle to it all. Remember, Schwarber is only one full season away from a very serious knee injury (and surgery), so staying in the best possible shape is an investment in his future as much as anything else.

I am so looking forward to what he’ll do this summer.


Author: Michael Cerami

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