Can the Cubs Get the Real Justin Wilson This Year? And Other Bullets

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Can the Cubs Get the Real Justin Wilson This Year? And Other Bullets

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I like having a pretty short haircut, so it’s fine, but man alive is my hair stupid when it gets even just a little bit long. It isn’t straight and it doesn’t curl; it just has these two or three huge wave sections that are untamable, and look absurd. So, the hair is getting chopped momentarily, and I’m relieved.

A switch in Cubs coverage at The Score, with Mark Grote heading off to cover the Bears, and Zach Zaidman taking over on the Cubs side of things.

  • Sahadev Sharma writes about Justin Wilson’s disastrous time with the Cubs, and how it could turn around in 2018. The most optimistic view, the one shared by the Cubs, is that Wilson didn’t get off to a good start with the Cubs, and then things spiraled as he tried to compensate in a small sample. Organizationally, the Cubs are evaluating how they “onboard” a new player in that situation, and addressing whether there is more they can do to make sure the player succeeds (the other guy who immediately comes to mind is Adam Warren, who was so good with the Yankees before and after the Cubs, but somehow it just didn’t ever click for him with the Cubs – you don’t want to see that happening with other new pieces). To that end, getting Wilson right isn’t so much about fixing a bunch of mechanical issues as it is just letting him be comfortable and be himself. Hopefully having a full Spring Training with the Cubs, and a normal build-up to the season will help get him there.
  • If Justin Wilson is actually Justin Wilson again, how suddenly better does the Cubs’ bullpen look right now? You’ve got Wilson and Brandon Morrow as closing options, Carl Edwards Jr. and Pedro Strop as setup men, Steve Cishek as the guy right there with them in a late-inning role, Mike Montgomery as a super utility guy (unless he’s a starter), and some additional options with upside from there. In 40.1 innings with the Tigers last year, Wilson posted a 2.68 ERA, a 35.0%(!) strikeout rate, and a 10.2% walk rate. That guy. Yes. I’m just gonna assume that guy shows up again.
  • Joe Maddon offers the uncomplicated – and undoubtedly correct – explanation for why the Cubs and Alex Cobb haven’t married up yet:

  • That answer came at Maddon’s annual Thanksmas event:

  • This picture is so awesome – especially the part where Kyle Schwarber is screaming at Wade Davis, “HAVE EMOTIONS!”:

  • I hope Kerry Wood gets a vote so that he can have that celebration, even though it’s virtually impossible to argue that it’s merited, and the crowded ballot makes it tough:

  • Baseball camping for Javy:

  • A trio of extremely cool shots/program combos from MBD:

  • I know it’s a running start, and I know it’s 3 oz, but still:

  • LUIS! He hit up the TV circuit last night if you missed it:

  • This is just an incredibly thoughtful read on the state of sports leagues and media in the age of endless entertainment options. Here’s hoping MLB (and the NFL) are truly considering how different the world is today than it was just 10 short years ago.
  • This made me laugh heartily (and then it made me sad and desperate):

  • Crush it, little dude:

  • I am somewhat sorry about this:

  • Over at TYL, among many coaching news and rumor items, there’s a nice surprise on the top-rated rookie QB in the NFL from 2017 … it was Mitch!
  • I am currently packing up to come to Chicago for the Cubs Convention, which means I bust out my trusty all-things backpack, and instinctively check Amazon to see if it’s on sale today to pair with this comment. AND IT IS! The gray one, specifically, which is the one I have. The fact that this extremely comfortable and sturdy backpack (which will fit all my clothes, toiletries, and computer stuff for three days) is currently under $50 is ridiculous. Yes, we have a relationship with Amazon where we get revenue for linking to their items. But it is also true that I use Amazon almost daily, and this backpack is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased.

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