Willson Contreras Wins the Convention, Kids Love the Cubs, and Other Bullets

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Willson Contreras Wins the Convention, Kids Love the Cubs, and Other Bullets

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The 2018 Cubs Convention closes down today, and it was another good one. The fans are happy, but it was nice to see the corner turning from “dude, that World Series win was freaking amazing” to “I’m really excited about 2018! Let’s get another pitcher!”

  • The moment of the Convention is probably going to be Willson Contreras’s shockingly frank explanation of what he said to Jon Lester just before his famous pick-off of Tommy Pham. Warning, the language is very language-y:

  • It turns out, the cure to Jon Lester’s throwing woes was having a confident young catcher tell him, “Hey, mother f***er, throw the f***ing ball to first.” So, future baserunners beware: if you take a monster lead on Jon Lester, and then Willson Contreras visits the mound, you better shrink that lead.
  • Also, I am a huge dork:

  • NBC pulled the genius move of having Kyle Schwarber watch the video and react to it on camera. It’s freaking spot on:

  • Kyle Hendricks and Doug Fister were the best pitchers in baseball at getting batters to take strikes (i.e., lowest zone swing rate). Given the way Hendricks uses smarts and deception, and his exceptional command, that makes a lot of sense.
  • The Kids Only Press Conference at the Convention is also some lighthearted fun:

  • It’s probably good that Willson Contreras wasn’t at that particular session to discuss the Tommy Pham pick-off …
  • Another nice moment at the Convention, as the Cubs helped on a gender reveal:

  • I already have so much respect for Anthony Rizzo for the great stuff he does in the community, but the fact that he also does exercise classes where he is one of the few guys in the room holds a special place in my heart:

  • Rizzo is also a savage:

  • This sounds about right:


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