Contreras Respects Those Who Came Before ... He Just Wants to Top Them and Other Bullets

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Contreras Respects Those Who Came Before … He Just Wants to Top Them and Other Bullets

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I got nothing up here today. Totally drawing a blank. Thank heavens I almost never feel this level of writer’s block about the stuff you’re actually here to read …

  • Willson Contreras’s comments about wanting and expecting to be the best catcher in baseball blew up yesterday, yielding a response from Yadi Molina about respecting the ranks, and they’ve actually proved it, and blah blah. It was fun and great, yielding the kind of rivalry-infused personality sharing that adds another layer of fun to sports. Contreras took to Twitter, though, to offer up a bit more context for his comments:

  • It’s all good here, Willson. Be you. Be fun. Be excited. Be the best.
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  • Kyle Hendricks is quite pleased with the Cubs’ Tyler Chatwood signing, telling NBC: “Chatwood, I think, is going to be really big for us …. He’s just a baseball guy, baseball mind, and that’s kind of what this team’s about. It’s a bunch of guys who love playing the game, love being together. I think he’s going to fit in great, personality-wise. And the stuff he has, I know it’s going to play really well. He’s only had a couple starts at Wrigley, but he’s obviously pitched well there. That’s going to bode well for him in the future. And being able to pick guys’ brains, like Lester and these older guys that have been around. I think they’re going to help him like they’ve helped me.”
  • It’s worth reminding folks that Chatwood is actually nine days younger than Hendricks. So I’d say there’s still plenty of room for Chatwood to come over to the Cubs and succeed beyond what he was able to accomplish in Colorado. (We are fans of the signing, even as we recognize there are some scary signals.)
  • Jeff Sullivan writes about the Cubs re-signing Brian Duensing, and why he may have felt it was the best fit for him – not just because of the money or the familiarity, but also because he succeeded with the Cubs in a way he hadn’t really before, despite being 34. We have talked at times about the guys who had success elsewhere, came to the Cubs, and didn’t quite transition well, but maybe this is the flip side of that: a guy who wants to stay with the Cubs because he feels like that’s where he can be the best pitcher he can be.
  • How *DARE* you, Derek Jeter?! The Marlins’ already-embroiled-in-drama new owner has apparently espoused a desire to get rid of the AMAZING home run sculpture in center field at Marlins Park. The financial stuff, the clumsy firings, and the embarrassing trades … I can forgive these things. But getting rid of the absurdly sublime home run sculpture? That would be the end of the line for me.
  • At least make a trade:

The Marlins don't want their amazing home run sculpture anymore?Stage Five of the Wrigley Field renovation:

Posted by Bleacher Nation on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

  • Among the random things I really like, and therefore look for deals on Amazon to share, is a particular small lantern that is very functional and surprisingly bright (but you can change the level of brightness). We just like having them around in case the power goes out, or to use with the kids in the basement. This is the one, and it’s on a huge sale today.
  • Over at TYL, I’m very here for wide receiver rumors baby:

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