MLBits: Cole Was Happy to Be Traded, Future Hall-of-Famers, Yankees Historic Bullpen, More

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MLBits: Cole Was Happy to Be Traded, Future Hall-of-Famers, Yankees Historic Bullpen, More

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I’m going tux shopping this weekend (I’m not just bein’ fancy, I’m getting married in June) – does anybody have last minute bits of advice? Things to avoid? Styles that are no longer stylish?

Once you get the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ orange and blue tuxedo jokes out of your system, drop a comment and let me hear what you think. [Brett: I was gonna say the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ thing, so you kinda stole my overused, hacky thunder.]

But before that, let’s talk about some news from around the league …

  • Upon learning that he was being traded to the reigning World Series champion Houston Astros, Gerrit Cole was understandably excited, but made some comments that could be read as an indictment of the Pittsburgh Pirates (emphasis, mine): “It’s really special,” Cole said in his debut press conference yesterday. “Obviously, the organization puts — values me very high, and that always feels good as a player. And it’s refreshing to come to an environment where the team is willing to continually put resources into the club and continue to move forward and try to provide the best possible product for its fans.” I’m not entirely sure that was meant to be as pointed as it may read, but Elizabeth Bloom (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) suggests we can read between the lines. What do you think?

  • It’s funny – Although I know the Pirates are rarely one of the more spending teams in baseball, I’ve often considered them a formidable team in terms of organizational planning, scouting, strategy, etc. over the past five to eight years, at least. Not unlike the Rays, the Pirates of this decade always seem to have a good inflow of young players and repurposed veterans. I know the last five years of competitiveness didn’t amount to much in the trophy case, but it’s hard for me to square the results with reports that “thousands sign petition urging Pirates owner Bob Nutting to sell the team.” Over 40,000 fans have signed a petition to remove Nutting, who is being labeled a “greedy owner,” and who is not willing to put competitive teams on the field year in and year out. The Andrew McCutchen trade was apparently the final straw. It’s not like a new owner can magically make Pittsburgh a better/bigger market, but you’re going to increasingly hear these types of calls as more teams strip down in an era of surging league-wide revenues.
  • Moving on …

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami