Lorenzo Cain Reportedly Cutting Down Teams, Has Multiple Four-Year Offers

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Lorenzo Cain Reportedly Cutting Down Teams, Has Multiple Four-Year Offers

Chicago Cubs

The Lorenzo Cain-Cubs rumors always seemed a bit odd considering the depth of positional talent on the Cubs, the volume of players needing starts in the outfield, and the needs elsewhere on the roster. But you never know what might happen with your position players (what if a can’t-turn-down deal for a pitcher popped up?), or what might happen with Cain’s market (what if a can’t-turn-down price tag popped up?), so the Cubs did the smart thing and hung around just to see what was what.

Now, though, you’ve gotta figure they are no longer in the picture:

On a four-year deal, unless it was for an absurdly low AAV, the Cubs simply don’t make sense as an aggressive suitor for Cain. To be quite clear, I have trouble figuring out who the aggressive, four-year suitors *would* be in this market, but I’d be shocked if it were the Cubs.

The Brewers have been mentioned at times, and also the Rangers and Giants (though they’ve since added Andrew McCutchen and Austin Jackson). Where are these several teams that are making four-year offers for Cain? Not that he’s not worth it to the right team, it’s just that we don’t really have a great sense of his suitors.

That’s actually been yet another theme this offseason, eh? We have a general sense of the market for a few of the top free agents, but many of them, we really don’t even know which teams are in and which teams are out. That’s extremely unusual for this time of year, because usually, by the end of January, the majority of teams have their budgets all set and gobbled up, and you’re left with only a handful of clear, obvious, plausible fits.

This year? There are so many big free agents out there that coming up with the precise teams that would be in on a guy like Cain is virtually impossible from the outside. I hope he signs soon, if for no other reason than to sate my curiosity, and perhaps spur other movement.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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