When the Rumors and Speculation Finally Get to You and Other Bullets

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When the Rumors and Speculation Finally Get to You and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Actually, no, it’s pretty much exactly as expected. Also: we are now 20 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting. Just sayin’.

  • Take this with as many grains of salt as you deem appropriate, but Luis knows about this stuff and he says, yes, this is a significant line move on the gambling market:

  • So, if the line moved that sharply and quickly when nothing actually “happened,” it at least suggests that someone out there thinks they know something that everyone else does not know. You can pretty easily connect the dots there, given the rumors in the last few days, but I’d caution you that there are several necessary speculative leaps here. That said, many other oddsmakers now also have the Cubs in the 10/1 to 9/1 range. Lots of bets were coming in on the Cubs at 12/1 in recent days for some reason. It *does not mean that insiders know things*. It could just be that speculative bets started coming in, and others jumped on board because they thought maybe they were catching a move, and that pushed the line.
  • … not that I’m being TOO obsessive about this stuff:

  • I think I really need something to happen, even if just to stop me from going nuts every day trying to find suggestive info that isn’t there.
  • A fascinating statistical read over at Cubs Insider working out the relationship between release points and spin rate – like, what if teams could help a pitcher’s spin rate by working on his release point, and know precisely how to manage the relationships between those two things? Seems like something the Cubs probably know about internally, but it’s not something I’ve seen examined from the outside.
  • A fun watch (and who can tell what year this must have been – without looking – based on the players involved?):

  • The Hall of Fame calls from yesterday. Always cool to see:

  • It’s officially happening, Pearl Jam is coming back:

  • OK. You did good, #AtReds:

  • *nudge, nudge, other sports teams, nudge, nudge*:

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