Jed Hoyer Speaks: Brewers Aggressive Moves, Cubs Consistently Negotiating with Free Agents, More

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Jed Hoyer Speaks: Brewers Aggressive Moves, Cubs Consistently Negotiating with Free Agents, More

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A day after an NL Central competitor went hog wild in the outfield, Cubs GM Jed Hoyer hopped on Spiegel and Parkins on The Score to talk about the fallout from those Brewers moves, where things stand with the Cubs, and more. I’d imagine a replay version will be available later today on The Score’s website, but I’ll give you a quick rundown and discussion for now if you missed it.

As for those Brewers moves, Hoyer has the right perspective, noting that the Cubs weren’t caught off guard, and saying that the Cubs can’t get caught up trying to react to a specific move by an opponent:

Instead, the Cubs remain focused on their own needs, where are apparent on the pitching side of the ledger, especially with respect to depth (although adding a top arm would necessarily improve the depth, too). Hoyer says the right guys are still available, and, contrary to prevailing speculation, it’s not as if the Cubs are just digging in their heels and holding fast to a specific offer:

That’s encouraging to hear, and – to the extent that we can speculation he’s including Yu Darvish in there – that probably speaks to the “active talks” that were reported on the Darvish front earlier this week. It may, then, be the case that the sides aren’t just dug in and not budging … but instead are just really far apart right now.

Something you sensed throughout the season, even as the Cubs were scoring runs at a nice clip overall (second in the National League) is that the offseason wasn’t quite as consistently effective as it had been the year before:

To that end, though, you should not expect to see the Cubs go out of their way to acquire a “natural” leadoff hitter. That move probably isn’t out there right now, and, even if it were, the Cubs have such a full positional slate that coordinating another addition is complicated. The Cubs will have to make due like they did last year, mixing and matching in the leadoff spot based on match-ups. We’ve looked at Kyle Schwarber redux and Kris Bryant for the job, though obviously neither is a “natural” fit.

Yo, I’ll wear it for you, dude:

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