MLB on Spending Grievances, Hawk and Eloy on Beating the Cubs, and Other Bullets

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MLB on Spending Grievances, Hawk and Eloy on Beating the Cubs, and Other Bullets

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It’s a boys weekend! The Little Boy and I are headed out for a little mini vacation together, so you’ll forgive me if I hope today and tomorrow are extremely quiet around baseball. I was getting ready this morning when suddenly I could hear The Little Boy waking up, literally screaming the name of the place we’re going. I’d say he’s pretty excited.

  • Yesterday’s new fight between the players and the league involved a possible grievance against the Marlins and Pirates for not using revenue-sharing money for their baseball organization. As expected, the league is not on board, and issued this statement: “We do not have concerns about the Pirates’ and Marlins’ compliance with the basic agreement provisions regarding the use of revenue sharing proceeds. The Pirates have steadily increased their payroll over the years while at the same time decreasing their revenue sharing. The Marlins’ ownership purchased a team that incurred substantial financial losses the prior two seasons, and even with revenue sharing and significant expense reduction, the team is projected to lose money in 2018. The union has not informed us that it intends to file a grievance against either team.”
  • If the union were able to provide some evidence that the Pirates and/or Marlins and/or any other team were just pocketing revenue-sharing money, there’s a chance it would be one of the few areas in which they would find support among some owners – perhaps large-market owners would not like the idea that the dollars their teams earned is going into the pockets of small market owners. Then again, if it wasn’t pushing up prices for middle-tier free agents, maybe they wouldn’t care.
  • Michael likes to have fun:

  • Do it. Keep saying it. I love it. TWTL:

  • Speaking of that White Sox rebuild, which I think every honest baseball fan must say has gone very well so far, former Cubs prospect Eloy Jimenez will be a key component of the team turning the corner, perhaps as soon as this season. He talks about that and much more here at The Athletic. It doesn’t sound like he’s bitter about the trade, but it does sound like the prospect of beating up on the Cubs at some point in the future is exciting. I get it. Kid’s gonna be so good. I know it, and I’ve accepted it. The trade for Jose Quintana was a good and appropriate one for the Cubs (imagine this offseason right now if the Cubs didn’t have Quintana – yikes). But every time Eloy does something amazing, I’ll feel the pangs of sadness.
  • Earlier, new Cubs catcher Chris Gimenez joked(?) about getting a statue if the Cubs land Yu Darvish.
  • If you missed any of NBCS’s Cubs interviews, you can see the full lot here:

  • The Brewers tried to come at the Cubs on Twitter after their two outfield moves:

  • And speaking of stuff that didn’t land, I get what the Reds were going for here, but it just doesn’t work for me:

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