Red Sox (FINALLY) Reportedly Getting Close to a Deal with JD Martinez (UPDATE: Five Years/$110M, Two Opt-Outs)

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Red Sox (FINALLY) Reportedly Getting Close to a Deal with JD Martinez (UPDATE: Five Years/$110M, Two Opt-Outs)

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It’s thawing! It’s really thawing!

With Eric Hosmer finally signing over the weekend with the Padres, and a number of other lesser free agents inking in the last three to four days, it feels like the rapid movement of signings is finally here. You know, the one we expected HAD to be coming, like, a month ago. Apparently Spring Training really was necessary as a strong nudge.

The next huge domino to fall could, at last, be the marriage everyone has been expecting since November:

Martinez, like Hosmer – and Jake Arrieta – is one of Scott Boras’s huge clients, so if he’s able to secure the kind of deal we generally expect for him (like Hosmer did), it’ll be one more datapoint against any MLBPA effort to successfully allege collusion. But if Martinez winds up on a very small deal, relatively speaking? Like, $100 million or under? It seems impossible, but we’ll see.

As for the rest of the market, once Martinez goes, a number of other position players might finally find homes. Whether it moves things along for Arrieta, though, is an open question that I’d lean toward not seeing a connection.

UPDATE: It’s going down:

UPDATE II (MICHAEL): Well … it’s not quite less than $100 million, but it’s no where near the $200 million he reportedly wanted at the outset of the winter:

With that said, two opt-outs in a five year deal is pretty notable – especially when the deal is front-loaded with two $25M AAV seasons up front.

A better way to look at this, perhaps, is something closer to an extremely short-term deal (which is team friendly) with multiple player options tacked onto the end (which is player friendly). It’s a compromise. And who knows, maybe after two solid years (if the market is different by then) Martinez really will opt-out after earning $50 million and try to land something more than the three years and $60 million he’ll have left.

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