How Many 30-Homer Hitters Can the Cubs Have This Year? And Other Bullets

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How Many 30-Homer Hitters Can the Cubs Have This Year? And Other Bullets

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With a day of rest to make sure I didn’t overdo it on Monday, I’m gonna go back to the gym again this morning for another workout. The difference in my psyche between being able to do things like this and not is pretty substantial, so even if I weren’t getting much out of it physically, I’d still be doing it.

  • I don’t know. I might be underselling it:

  • In all seriousness, I do think that Bryant, Rizzo, and Schwarber have better than 50% shots to do it. Contreras could do it if he’s healthy, and Happ could do it if he gets the playing time. I also think Baez and Russell could definitely do it. For Heyward, Zobrist, and Almora, I think it’s not realistic for a variety of reasons, even in the event they have a great year. And for Lester, his ceiling is probably closer to 20 bombs.
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  • The Cubs haven’t had a trio of 30+ homer guys since all the way back in 2004, when four Cubs did it: Moises Alou (39), Aramis Ramirez (36), Sammy Sosa (35), and Derrek Lee (32). I’d say this year’s club, in this era, has a good chance at match that feat, and maybe even getting five guys to 30. The 2017 club just barely missed having three Cubs at 30 (Kris Bryant wound up one short, behind Anthony Rizzo (32) and Kyle Schwarber (30)), and had six guys over 20 (add Ian Happ with 24, Javy Baez with 23, and Willson Contreras with 21).
  • Michael mentioned the possible BABIP improvers yesterday in the MLBits (no Cubs), and the possible BABIP decliners just came out … with one Cub: Javy Baez. In short, the spread between Baez’s BABIP last year (.345) and xBABIP (.288) was sufficiently large that it makes you nervous about a huge BABIP regression coming. Speed and baserunning ability is a factor in Baez’s overperforming BABIP, I’m sure, but without more consistent hard contact, it’s hard to keep a BABIP up at that extreme level. And without a huge BABIP like that, Baez will have to dramatically improve his discipline at the plate to stay close to being an average offensive performer overall (he was at a 98 wRC+ last year).
  • If you missed it, all 30 MLB teams will be donning Stoneman Douglas caps on Friday.
  • Albert Almora Jr. talks to NBC about his special connection to Team USA baseball.
  • A Chicago-Cleveland Hyperloop has been proposed, and it would get you between the cities in just 28 minutes (would have been convenient a year and a half ago, right?). But forget that. Get me the Chicago-Columbus Hyperloop, and I’ll buy a lifetime pass!
  • Cardinals not getting love:

  • To see this picture is to know, without any doubt whatsoever, that you’ve never really looked closely at Dusty Baker without his glasses on, because who is this imposter:

  • It was photo day for the Cubs yesterday, and things got fancy:

It was photo day for the #Cubs today, and there was a side of flare.

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  • Two friends sent me this, because they know it’s right up my alley:

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