OMG: Tommy La Stella Parked a Bounce House in the Front Office's Parking Spaces (UPDATE)

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OMG: Tommy La Stella Parked a Bounce House in the Front Office’s Parking Spaces (UPDATE)

Chicago Cubs

I am dying.

Earlier in the week, Tommy La Stella was spotted on the practice fields donning a polo and khakis. Like, while he fielded ground balls. It turns out, he’d been messing with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer by parking in their spots, and they exacted revenge by taking his uniform and leaving one of their own for him.

And now La Stella has taken things to an entirely new level:

I suppose we don’t yet know for sure that it was La Stella’s doing, but given the antecedent events, I’m going to make the logical and hilarious assumption. He probably had some co-conspirators, though …

Tommy wins this round, especially if he can get some Cubs players to get into that thing and bounce around. May these antics escalate back and forth throughout the season, please and thank you.

UPDATE: Theo responds perfectly:

Author: Brett Taylor

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