Strop's Return and the Roster Decisions, Darvish's Crazy Pitch Was an Accident, and Other Bullets

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Strop’s Return and the Roster Decisions, Darvish’s Crazy Pitch Was an Accident, and Other Bullets

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I’ve reached the point in foot surgery rehab where I’m trying to walk in a shoe. I can walk without pain or problem. The thing is, I can’t walk correctly. My gait is all messed up, presumably partly because of the surgery recovery (obviously), but also probably partly because it had been messed up for years thanks to the very injury that precipitated the surgery in the first place. And it turns out, if you have a messed up walk by default, it is extremely difficult to get your brain to tell your leg and foot to do something else while you walk. I should take a video of me trying to walk, because I look like I’m taking a math test with every step.

  • Pedro Strop (calf) is finally scheduled to pitch in a Cactus League game today, and if it goes well, there’s a chance he’ll make two more appearances before the regular season. If there are any questions at all today, I think you’ll see that he doesn’t make any more Cactus League appearances, so that the Cubs will have the option of back-dating any disabled list stint they might want to use to open the season (you can back date it to the last Cactus League appearance).
  • I wonder if we’ll see roster cuts before or after Strop’s appearance, given that his ability to start the season on the roster – or not – will probably impact not only the number of players the Cubs will have left to add to the roster, but also the type. If Strop is ready to go, obviously looking good and healthy, maybe the Cubs are willing to use that final spot on an extra position player like Peter Bourjos or Victor Caratini. But if Strop can’t go, maybe the Cubs want a little extra cover in the bullpen, and instead go with two relievers (for Strop and the extra spot) from the Eddie Butler, Anthony Bass, Justin Hancock, Randy Rosario, Kyle Ryan group.
  • Yu Darvish confirmed that his incredible teeter-totter pitch yesterday was, in fact, not entirely intentional ( He lost his balance and recovered:

  • It’s not too often that a team that wins 92 games, wins its division, and reaches the NLCS can be in line for a bounce-back season, but here we are:

  • Two days later, and I’m still cracking up about this. I came to my attention again because Javy Baez, himself, liked it:

  • The Anthony Rizzo Foundation is holding a fundraiser:

  • Cubs season ticket holders got their boxes yesterday:

Author: Brett Taylor

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