Bosio's Exit, What Javy Said to Braun, Cubs Relievers A-Game, Cubs Drag Brewers, and Other Bullets

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Bosio’s Exit, What Javy Said to Braun, Cubs Relievers A-Game, Cubs Drag Brewers, and Other Bullets

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Ah, the morning after a night game. I’d forgotten the tricky rhythm of these things. I’m on eastern time, so I was up until about midnight covering the game and then some after-game miscellaneous stuff. That means I like to try to sleep in a little bit later if the kiddos oblige (6:45 today), but then I miss some early-morning work time before they get up. Then there’s other stuff to look at from the game, plus the Minor League Daily, and I also exercise in the morning. So, yeah, extremely tardy Bullets. This won’t happen every time of course, but I gotta get back into the swing of things.

  • Former Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio spoke with The Athletic about his (at-the-time surprising) departure from the team, and it was all very complimentary, as Bosio still remembers his time with the Cubs fondly. Even after leaving, Bosio says he spoke with Theo Epstein and he was “Always very open and always very honest. And I tried to be the same with him. Just the way he treated me and my family goes beyond words.” We’ve heard that before about this organization and how it treats players’ families, so it’s not surprising to learn it extends to coaches (and even coaches on their way out the door).
  • Wondering what Javy Baez said to Ryan Braun as he ran by when Braun was thrown out by Jon Lester trying to steal third after stealing second? This moment:

  • Well, Baez tells NBC he said, “I told him only once, not twice.” So perfect.
  • More important than the individual play, which included the bounce throw Lester has been working on to limit the risk of throwing one completely away, the broader implications are: yes, Lester can throw you out if you just try to go. It’s something I’ve been waiting for guys to try more regularly, but now Lester – who also legit picked off Tommy Pham last year – has cut down those would-be-base-stealers multiple times. If you’re going to steal off of Lester, you’re probably going to have to make it a traditional steal – and then you have to deal with Willson Contreras.
  • Carl Edwards Jr. had his very good fastball working last night, staying in the zone but away from righties, in the upper half:

  • Also, just sayin’, but … how good did Eddie Butler look in the 9th? He was getting great movement AND commanding his pitches well. The first thing is something he’s always had, but the latter has been such a problem that he could never miss bats and was always walking guys. If his command tightens up in a relief role? Hello. Obviously last night was as low as leverage can get, which is why I’m not saying. I’m just sayin’.
  • With their three scoreless innings, the Cubs’ relievers dropped their ERA to 0.62 on the young season, about half that of the second-place Mets.
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  • Remember how the Brewers were chirping at the Cubs via social media all offseason? Well #AtCubs remembers, and dropped a bomb last night:

  • El Mago:

  • Of his scamper, Baez says he saw that Lorenzo Cain bobbled the ball out there for just a moment, and he decided to keep going (Tribune). If you’re always prepared, Baez suggested, you can react quickly when opportunities present themselves.

  • Cool view:

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