Javy Baez Has a Response for Clint Hurdle on Criticism That Baez Wasn't Showing "Respect for the Game"

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Javy Baez Has a Response for Clint Hurdle on Criticism That Baez Wasn’t Showing “Respect for the Game”

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Earlier today, before his Pirates beat the Cubs in their series finale, Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle had some thoughts on Javy Baez and Willson Contreras. You can read them here at The Athletic (and I would encourage you to do so in order that you have the full context):

In short, Hurdle didn’t like Baez tossing his bat after popping out (something Baez didn’t like, himself), and didn’t like that Contreras took issue with the strike zone in one of his at bats last night. Color me fairly suspicious about Hurdle’s choice to call out those two particular players – both of whom he questioned their respect for the game – for things that *NEARLY ALL PLAYERS* do at one time or another. I am bothered.

Baez, asked about Hurdle’s comments after the game today, had a response that may as well have amounted to “respect this.”

From Patrick Mooney, whom you should be following:

Good for you, Javy.

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I don’t have any particular disdain for the Pirates above and beyond any other organization, but I do think it’s worth pointing out that they are among the most beanball-happy clubs in baseball, and have been for years. Is that how you “respect the game”? Is that something we can now expect Baez or Contreras or some other Cub to face when the teams play each other again next?

Hurdle made a dumb point in a dumb way, and Baez responded aptly and appropriately. Leave it there.

Author: Brett Taylor

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