Rizzo's Return, Rotation Plans, Worst Weather Ever, and Other Bullets

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Rizzo’s Return, Rotation Plans, Worst Weather Ever, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Well, it’s time for me to head home from Chicago. I took in the first week of games here, enjoyed a wedding, froze intermittently, and mostly enjoyed the admittedly uneven baseball.

Unfortunately today’s game got banged, so the Cubs miss out on Jackie Robinson Day and a chance to go back over .500.

  • … but fortunately, it means one fewer Anthony-Rizzo-less games for the Cubs, as the club’s first baseman is eligible to return from the disabled list tomorrow, and he is indeed expected to be back (Cubs.com). Hopefully he’s well-rested and strong, because the Cubs could certainly use his bat back in there.
  • One other side effect of the rainout will be the rotation pushed back a day. So the group will stay in order, but now instead of facing the Braves, Tyler Chatwood will open up against the Cardinals tomorrow. Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks will take the other two games.
  • You might expect that the Braves were pretty chapped about losing a game in which they led 10-2, and they are, but mostly about the conditions. “I don’t understand it one bit. It was the worst game I’ve ever been part of weather-wise,” Freddie Freeman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That was tough. Very surprising how well both teams did …. We couldn’t throw the ball, we couldn’t grip the ball. They (other infielders) were just going to flip the ball to second and not throw, and if I had gotten a ground ball I was just going to run it to first base because I couldn’t throw to second. Because our hands, we couldn’t open our hands. We were cramping and everything …. If you can’t turn two in a game (because of the cold), then (baseball) should look in the mirror and see what’s going on. That was definitely a tough one. We walked so many guys but we can’t even be upset. We couldn’t even throw the ball in the infield between innings, how are they supposed to throw a ball to the plate and hit a glove, hit a spot? Just a tell-tale sign, they scored nine runs in one inning and had three hits.”
  • You can read more ire from the Braves in that piece. They were not happy. Understandably so – those were some of the worst overall conditions I can recall for a Cubs baseball game.
  • Joe Maddon agreed that the conditions yesterday were awful, and understands that the Cubs were as fortunate to get the win as the Braves were unfortunate to fall apart there at the end (Cubs.com).
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  • It was only fitting that, on a day when the Cubs ended up winning with a football score of 14-10, Da Bears new coach Matt Nagy was there for the first pitch and the stretch:


  • Old friend alert:

Author: Brett Taylor

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