Enjoy a Quietly Stellar Javy Baez Play - This Became an Out at Second Base (VIDEO)

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Enjoy a Quietly Stellar Javy Baez Play – This Became an Out at Second Base (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

Amid yesterday’s loss to the White Sox (IT HAPPENS!), Javy Baez continued to do the things that have made him so special, especially this season, what with the hitting (but not walking), base running, defense, and such.

And it’s not as if his great play at second base went wholly unnoticed, but it was so quietly good that I wanted to give it an extra note before today’s game.

First, here’s the play (@Cubs):

To make that play at all would have been impressive. Good range, quick motions, well-timed extension. Just a great play. But to even *consider* throwing to second base from that position is not something that 90% of second basemen would do. And of the 10% that do? Many of them reconsider upon turning, or make a hasty and terrible throw that risks an error.

But Javy? He has the instincts to know the play he can make, then somehow gets his body into a position to make a strong, accurate throw just as quickly as if he were throwing to first base. With one out then in the inning, cutting down the lead runner could be the difference between a scoreless frame or seeing a two-out bloop turn into a run.

I can’t believe Baez would try to make that particular play (well, I mean, of course I can believe it), and I can’t believe he made it look so easy (again, of course I can believe it).

Baez turns from this point and throws to second base. Incredible:

Author: Brett Taylor

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