More Roster Moves: Jason Heyward Comes off the Disabled List, Randy Rosario Optioned

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More Roster Moves: Jason Heyward Comes off the Disabled List, Randy Rosario Optioned

Chicago Cubs

When you jump to write the lineup post as fast as possible close to 162 times a year, you start to get a sense of how early they should come out before every game.

So when there was no word of the lineup by 2:23 pm for tonight’s 6:10 CT game, I started to get a little suspicious:


Usually, when a lineup is later than normal, it’s because the Cubs front office is deciding on a roster move – which often requires a lot of moving parts and people (which, in turn, could unexpectedly change the calculus for Manager Joe Maddon).

And while that may or may not have been the case today, the Cubs did move to alleviate the pitching glut they built up before yesterday’s rain out:

Jason Heyward isn’t in the starting lineup tonight – which is a shame, given Homer Bailey’s splits – but I’m very glad to see him return from the concussion DL, where he landed after a colliding with the outfield wall trying to rob Dexter Fowler’s home run nearly two weeks ago. Perhaps he’ll be a late-inning defensive replacement.

With his return, and Randy Rosario’s option back to Triple-A Iowa (the poor guy didn’t throw a single pitch (and today is his birthday!)), the Cubs bench now returns to a more normal four position players, while the bullpen returns back to eight arms.

Of course, the Cubs will get a 26th-man for the double-header tomorrow, so it’s entirely possible that Rosario will just hang around tonight and be right back on the roster (for a day) tomorrow.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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